A future WTCh we hope. G Rebus 7 wks

G Rebus (9wks)with mentor Tucker

Ian Reade with G Quest
who won the Canni Cross 2012 UK Extreme Male 2 Dog Championship, and Jackie Loughran with G Quadrill who won the female Championship

Garrethall Quest (G Myrhh/FTCh Dipplodge Raven of Riversway) Canni Cross UK Championship Extreme Male 2 Dog Class






Liz and the girls would like to congratulate all Garrethall offspring that have competed successfully at home and abroad over recent years.

Garrethall Labradors' highest acheivement: Heather Bradley and FTCh Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye my second FT Champion, who in both 2007 and 2008 was selected for the England WT team and qualified to run in both Championships gaining Diploma of Merit at Windsor

FTCh Garrethall Macauley - my first Field Trial Champion.
FTCh Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye, my second Field Trial Champion gained Diploma of Merit in 2008 Championship and was selected twice for the England Team at the Game Fair.

Garrethall Moorhen is my third FTChampion, she has been a member of the Dutch team in many International tests and matches.
Garrethall Moriquendi also has European WT awards.
Garrethall Askrikes Murray and Garrethall Norsk Musketeer are piling up awards in Sweden. In 2014 Garrethall Quill of Brindlebay became my 4th FTCh to be followed by her brother Garrethall Quiff winning Belgian Retriever Championship to became my 5th FTCh.

Here in UK there is a long list - Malu, Mace, Minella, Megan, Nanette, Lunar,Nordic Sky, Nyoni, Oyster, Odyn's Ladd, Iyla, Ouka, Quartz, Quill, Quip, Quiff and Riana have WT and FT awards.
Mickey Finn, Lyric, Leader, Paean, Usher, Nectar, Ulana, Riley, Quorrell and Rebecca all have WT awards and are heading for FTs too.

Mike Loughran's Garrethall Quadrille gained her UDEx Working Trials qualification on on her 2nd birthday and now has qualified CDEx UDEx WD Ex at just under 3 years old followed by TD Open and is now gaining awards in Canni Cross.

Garrethall Quenya gained her first Obedience award at the tender age of 8 months followed by qualifying CDEx and UDEx at the earliest possible age, and then WDEx at just 2yrs old and followed by TDEx at just 3 years old. Garrethall Rebus now has his TDEx title for Colin Ball

Garrethall Quest is my first puppy to train for the new sport of Canni Cross. He qualified for and ran very successfully in the European Championships in Belgium at 18 mths old, and was 2011 Canni Cross Master Male UK Champion. He won the 2012 UK Championship Extreme Male 2 Dog class, then went to win Gold in the 2013 World Championship. In 2016 he became the Scottish Canni Cross Champion.

Special congratulations also go to Janice Hawk and Garrethall McRae - George is the first Labrador in England to be a Registered Search and Rescue dog as well as a working gundog.

Garrethall Gourmet went to work with Essex Police and Garrethall Norsk Musketeer went to train with the Norwegian Police.

G Quenya and G Rebus both gained their TDEx Working Trials qualifications at just 3 yrs old. Also to Jackie Loughran with G Quadrille who won the Canni Cross 2012 UK Female Championship and to Ian Reade with G Quest
who won the CaniX 2012 UK Extreme Male 2 Dog Championship

G. Roberta is now a registered PAT dog.


As well as wonderful family companions and working gundogs Garrethall offspring are competing successfully in Canni Cross and Working Trials.










Garrethall Quartz with his first Open WT trophies

Garrethall Quiff (Mia and Fergus)at 18mths

G. Quartz (Ash) and G. Oyster (Lace) are flying the Garrethall flag down in the south of England

Ky and trophies for winning URC AA FT













Apologies to anyone I may have left out.
Liz Ingram
© 2016