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Left to right - Fickle, Megan, Iyla, Tara(Tilly), Quiz and Amy

Left to right - Fickle, Megan, Iyla, Tara(Tilly), Quiz and Amy Diaan De Rooy and Garrethall Moorehen (1st left & below) - Our 3rd FTCh

Diaan De Rooy and FTCh Garrethall Moorhen (1st left & below) - Our 3rd FTCh

Diaan De Rooy and Garrethall Moorehen

 Diaan De Rooy and FTCh Garrethall Moorhen

The 2009 team picking-up in the snow at Black Notley

The 2009 team picking-up in the snow at Black Notley



























































It all began in 1974

I bought Wishwood Lace from Molly Rayment, my line has descended from her. She was show bred, but mated to good looking working bred dogs produced the ideal shooting and family companion that I try to produce. Her daughter Garrethall Gossamer by Susan Scales’ Manymills Drake was the next generation to be followed by her daughter Garrethall Hi-Fi by Pluto of Abbotsleigh.

I began the gundog training with Gossamer (Sam) and she was my first picking-up dog. Having been persuaded by one of our regular Guns to join the East Anglian Labrador Club, Working Tests quickly followed.

In 1994 I bought Erindore Amelia from Steve Cooper and this dear little dog brought me such success in Tests that I was at last persuaded to enter some Field Trials. Amy started by winning her first Trial and her greatest day was coming 4th in the Labrador Club Open at Windsor in 1999.

My real love is picking up, but I do run my girls in a few trials. I still compete in many Working Tests through the summer. Until 2009 my star was Amy's niece Gillygaben Tara (Tilly) bred by Caroline Heasman. She had a brilliant career in competition and bred 3 FT Champions. Sadly in April 2010 my beloved Tilly suddenly became very ill and was put to sleep, followed 2 weeks later by 15 yr. old Iyla slipping away - a very sad time. I sadly lost Garrethall Lucky Chance (Megan) early in 2013 to a fast growing aggressive tumour. She has now joined the rest of her past friends and family overlooking the family farm.

In 2005 Garrethall Macauley (son of TiIly) became my first FT Champion. He was owned by Jo and Steve Polley from Norfolk. In 2007 Heather Bradley's Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye became my second FT Champion. Diaan De Rooy's Garrethall Moorhen became the third - all children of of Tilly. Moorhen won her 2 Open FTs in Holland in 2008 but under Dutch rules she had to gain a show award and another FT win in a subsequent season to gain her title, she is a sister of Morse. In 2014 Mike Tallany's Garrethall Quill of Brindlebay became my 4th FTCh and her brother Garrethall Quiff won Belgian Retriever Championship for Rinus Heijmans to become my 5th FTCh. Quiff has also won in Holland, but like Moorhen, he has to win again next season and gain a show award to become a Dutch and International FTCh. Congratulations to all of you from the Garrethall girls.

My current Open bitches are Garrethall Myrhh (Mia) and Garrethall Ouka (Ky). MIAis a daughter of Tilly and FTCh Brindlebay Jude. She has produced some really easy to train puppies that are now competing in a wide range of activities. Garrethall Ouka (KY) is a daughter of Garrethall Lucky Chance (Megan) and my first FTChampion Garrethall Macauley. She had a very successful 2010 winning several Open Tests, being a member of the winning team in both UGS and URC Working Test Finals, Top Dog at Burghley weekend and then gaining two 2nds, two 3rds and 3 Guns' Choice in Novice Fts. After nine second places in FTs she won finally out of novice. She continues to add to WT awards, she came fourth in her first Open FT and won the URC All Aged FT in 2013 and followed by another All Aged win and 2nd place and an Open 2nd in 2014. KY unfortunately had to be spayed after a caesarean for her 2nd litter, but Garrethall Rebecca has been retained to hopefully continue the line.

Garrethall Quest and Garrethall Quadrille fly the Garrethall flag in CanniX. Garrethall Quest and owner/handler Ian Read competed in the Canni Cross 2013 World Championships winning gold in Master Male class and also as member of the England Relay Team. Very sad news that Garrethall Quenya CDEx,UDEx,WDEx,TDEx, who was nearly my first WT Champion, died at the very young age of 4 years after a very serious operation for removal of a major tumour, so missed by Linda and Les Allen.

Garrethall Rebus (son of KY and Wolsey Ruby at Kirkmore) has gained his CDEx and UDEx Working Trials qualifications at 23 months, his WDEx at 2yrs old, and TDEx by just 3yrs old. He also spends much time demonstrating his skills and entertaining the children at the local primary schools.

My newest recruit is Brindlebay Firle bred by Mike Tallamy. She is a daughter of FTCh Garrethall Quill of Brindlebay - a great grandaughter of Tilly. She has a very hard act to follow - time will tell!!!

Ky continues to enjoy her working tests, still winning some even though she and Mia are now "Veterans". Last year Ky was a member of the URC Finals winning Essex Area Team and runner-up to top dog.

It is the aim of my kennel to produce the ideal Shooting and Family companion, a dog that will be an obedient, efficient gundog as well as a loving family dog. Some Garrethall offspring are now competing successfully in Tests, Trials and other competitions for their owners. Garrethall offspring are now living, working and competing in France, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and Ireland.

I compete in Gundog Working Test and Team Events regularly throughout the summer.

In winter I compete in a few Field Trials but prefer my picking-up 4-5 days per week on local friendly shoots where the team is well known.

Tara(Tilly) on her way to winning BETA in 2003

Tara(Tilly) on her way to winning BETA in 2003